Sweet Romance

Published: Feb 8, 2012
Sweet Romance

I've always been a fan of Valentine's Day but find the bright reds and magentas overpowering. This inspiration board was inspired by the "Hey Lady" Shoes with the pink ribbon lining.

Valentine's Day can be romantic and sincere—even the nay-sayers might have an "ahhh" moment when they see this light, airy interpretation of the love holiday. Balance the girly pinks and lace with tan, taupe, and even pale blue accents.

Use vintage valentine's as cute and unique save-the-dates and even table numbers. Send guests home with conversation heart cookies expressing your gratitude for their friendship and love.

1. Hey Lady Shoes
2. Sweetheart Wedding Dress
3. ETSY Earrings
4. Flowers
5. Wine Sleeve
6. Cakes
7. Invitations
8. Jenny Packham Dress
9. Place Setting
10. Reception Décor
11. Portrait Pose
12. Lace and Flowers
13. ETSY Headband
14. Wedding Party
15. ETSY Pink Ring
16. Arm & Arm Maids

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