Late Night Snack

Published: Mar 13, 2012
Late Night Snack

All right wedding-goers, let’s close our eyes and picture this together.

You are at a wedding reception. It is approximately 9:30 p.m. and you just participated in your third “group dance” of the night. It seems like it has been centuries since you had dinner, and if you don’t find something to remedy the hunger pains, it’s not looking good for your fellow attendees.

Now, open your eyes and know that this does not have to happen. I have an answer to this problem—and lucky for the bride and groom, it is very trendy!

The late night snack has been growing in popularity in recent months. This will not surprise you after you see some of these adorable ideas. You’ll be wishing for the next wedding that includes these sweet and savory treats.

First, the savory. How about a burger and fries to keep your dancing feet flying? Burger sliders and mini French fry cones are a great way to satisfy cravings. If you are not a fan of burgers, you can go for mini Mexican foods like mini tacos or taquitos.


Another idea is a mini soup and sandwich combo. A classic combination like grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup can feed the soul as well as the stomach.

If you want something simpler, a salty snack like popcorn can be just as fun and tasty. In my opinion, it’s all in how you package the snack. A few pieces of popcorn can be transformed into a whimsical indulgence if you put it in a cute box, or personalized bag.


Moving on to the sweet confections—these treats would make Willy Wonka wish he thought of that! Cookies and milk, another simple and classic combination that will make your guests do a happy dance. This, my friends, is cookies and milk on steroids! Why not serve your milk in a champagne glass with a chocolate chip cookie topper? Or go even further with a “milk bar,” which allows guests to choose their favorite milk flavor to accompany their sweet treat.


You can even do a play on “milk and cookies” with mini ice cream sandwiches made with chocolate chip cookies.

Another “this and that” treat can extend to breakfast inspired creations. Coffee and doughnuts anyone? You can also have mini cinnamon rolls instead of doughnuts.


All of these creations have a touch of whimsy to them solely based on the fact that it looks like someone took a shrinking machine to some of the most classic indulgences, but the next two ideas have a little extra “wacky” added.

Something that looks like an ordinary ice cream cone is actually an ice cream cone that will never melt. The secret behind this treat is it's actually a “cupcake in a cone,” made to look like your typical frozen novelty. The other cold classic can be kicked up a notch as well. A common milkshake gets shaken up with a shot of booze (just think of a chocolate and Kahlua milkshake!), and a sweet chocolate rim.


Hopefully these ideas have your mouth watering. With an extra jolt of food and fun, the bride, groom, and their guests are sure to be celebrating all night!

Lead image source: Caroline + Ben Photography.

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