Photograph by Pangtography

Photograph by Pangtography

Create a hashtag on Instagram and encourage your guests to get engaged at the reception by providing each table with a list of items to photograph. Make sure your friends and family use the hashtag when they post photos and, while you’re on your honeymoon, you can scroll through all of the wild and wonderful shots.

♥ A bubbly drink
♥ A beautiful landscape
♥ A kiss
♥ Best dancers
♥ Tears of joy
♥ Something blue
♥ Group shot of your table
♥ Someone striking a pose
♥ Flower girl twirling on the dance floor
♥ Something old
♥ Best mani/pedi
♥ Five diamond rings
♥ The most stylish tie
♥ Selfie with a band member/Dj
♥ Cutest member of the bridal party
♥ Guests toasting the bride and groom
♥ Someone who had too many bubbly drinks
♥ A behind-the-scenes look
♥ Bride dancing with her besties
♥ Most creative photo of the centerpiece