Photographed by The Oberports

A sports-loving couple holds a classically beautiful yet relaxed resort wedding in Morgantown.

Written by Mikenna Pierotti

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]eff Cline isn’t one to waste time. An operations research analyst, he has a knack for finding the most efficient way to meet his goals. Even through the haze of a Washington, D.C., summer, the moment Jeff laid eyes on Lynsey Wiseman across a sunlit kickball field, he was formulating a plan to get closer to her. Lynsey says the idea of meeting your future significant other in the country’s fast-paced capital is nothing unusual. “Kickball is a very popular social sport in the area. If you’re in your 20s in D.C., it’s a great way to meet people,” she says. Truth be told, the Virginia native had already met her once at their kickball league’s first get-together party of the season. Seeing her again on the field just confirmed his feelings—something about her struck him. “It was less than a week later but as soon as he saw me he asked me out. He got right to the point.”

Lynsey, an occupational therapist from Parkersburg, was taken in by Jeff’s warm, easygoing personality, active nature, and sense of humor. Even though she was miles from West Virginia, Jeff made her feel at home. “From there we started hanging out several times a week. Right from the beginning we included each other in everything,” she says. “His family lived close to us, so I met them early on. He always made me feel welcome. It was one of my favorite parts about him. That he included me in everything.”

A Proposal, Out Back?

Working out, going to football games at West Virginia University and Auburn University, spending time with their respective armies of nieces and nephews, the couple quickly found they had more in common than most, even if their strengths were more complementary than carbon copy. Where Jeff is the leader in organization, planning, and finances, Lynsey keeps them active socially, planning get-togethers, vacations, and family reunions. With Jeff’s help, Lynsey was even able to start her own business. “I don’t think that’s something I would have done on my own. He kept me on track,” she says.

Like puzzle pieces, the two just seemed to fit, and by April 2013, Jeff had a ring in his pocket and a promise on his mind. “We just both knew the time was coming,” Lynsey says. In fact, several months before, Lynsey had casually mentioned her interest in helping Jeff pick out a ring. Jeff was vehemently against the idea of having his girlfriend see any prospective rings, but he did allow her to send him a lengthy email of preferences. “After that I knew it was coming,” she says. “Every weekend it became an obsession. Will it happen this time?” Finally the day came, exactly when Lynsey wasn’t expecting it. Jeff invited his girlfriend to his favorite restaurant, Outback Steakhouse, and all hopes for a romantic dinner proposal that night fell away. “I thought, there’s no way we’re getting engaged there,” Lynsey says. But when she opened the door to leave for dinner she was met with a bouquet of flowers. Through his girlfriend’s million questions, Jeff still managed a proposal and Lynsey excitedly agreed. “My first question was, ‘But are we still going to Outback?”
To her relief, they weren’t.