A little bit spring, a little bit summer, a little bit indoors, a little bit out there—June weddings don’t have to conform.

Written by Mikenna Pierotti

None of us are all one thing. Maybe you adore the city lights but only from the quiet seclusion of your rooftop garden. Maybe you decorate your house in lace and pearls but can’t help picking up a few antique cast-iron tools to display. If you’re planning a June wedding, you’ve chosen the right month. One part gray clouds and blustery winds, one part early summer flowers and break-out-the-flip-flops weather. June has one foot in both worlds and does it gracefully each year, so why shouldn’t you?

Bring the outdoors in with English ivy swags and taper candles, vintage umbrellas and brushed metal accents, flower petals against brick walls and dark wood floors, and fresh cuttings from your flower garden displayed on an edgy, industrial workbench. Even a formal bridal gown pairs beautifully with baby’s breath woven into perfectly mused braids and updos. Deck your maids in shades of blush or nude, doll up your groomsmen in skinny ties and casual suspenders, and let early summer blooms in fun pastel shades be your brushstrokes of color. And if you’re having an indoor wedding (perhaps in an old train station or one-room schoolhouse), don’t be afraid to marry elegant details like a crystal chandelier or a Victorian dining chair with the homespun, DIY feel of potted succulent favors and a potluck dinner. June loves contradictions, and so do we.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Bride’s Gown

Love Sign



Umbrella Lights

Carondelet House

Potted Succulent Favors